Good education doesn’t require brand new architecture – expert

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Paul W. Bennett has seen more than a few historic schools mistreated and demolished in his day. He’s also seen some stunningly beautiful renovations. But there’s one thing they all have in common, he says.

“I’ve never found a situation yet where a board document didn’t inflate the cost of renovation and lowball the cost of new,” Dr. Bennett told a full house at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre on Monday, May 20. (more…)


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Petition launched

On May 2nd, Save Our Connaught Heritage launched a formal petition to the Regina Public School Board. It reads:

We are asking the Regina Public School Board to work in cooperation with the Save Our Connaught Heritage Committee, on behalf of community members, to develop a sound, affordable renovation plan that will support the current Ecole Connaught Community School building as a 21st Century learning environment, while respecting community values and preserving the heritage of this nationally recognized historic school.

Watch for this petition at community events, and volunteer to help circulate it by contacting

Successful Fundraiser

In three hours the Concert for Connaught netted $2,924.80. After expenses, we have $2,651 to put toward obtaining an affordable renovation plan for Connaught. We’re on our way – thanks to you all!


Concert for Connaught Gallery

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