Board warns info will likely be redacted

Regina’s public school division has served notice that a request for copies of documents and correspondence related to Connaught School of the past year will cost more than $2,400 in processing fees and will be heavily redacted. (more…)

Report released to SOCH

Regina Public Schools has been sitting on a report since August that gives the building a longer life expectancy and puts into question the need to underpin Connaught School.  However, the report also highlights the need for structural tests, a recommendation Regina Public continues to adamantly oppose.

The report by BBK Engineers gave the building a longer shelf life of 10 years, and said “no safety items were noted except at the original front entrance, which has been dealt with.”  The report said the footings were deemed to be of sufficient size, and underpinning was not among the recommendations, something that had previously been flagged as a $4.5 million undertaking. This would renovation costs just below the cost of building new. However, the report raises concerns about the floor and ceiling slabs.