Connaught alums Tatum Lawlor and Sonya Stanger

Connaught alums Tatum Lawlor and Sonya Stanger at the Concert for Connaught

Wondering what to do about Connaught? Join one of these action teams to help support the cause, or suggest another way you’d like to be involved by filling out the form below.

Community Action
Plans community outreach activities, like the recent Concert for Connaught and postcard letter drop. Upcoming events include a public lecture on heritage schools (May 20), a ”heart bomb” campaign, and having a presence at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. If you like working with the public, join this team.

Lobby Action
Connects our cause to politicians and supportive organizations. Upcoming activities include a petition campaign, launched last Thursday. If you’re interested in petitions, letters and presentations, join this team.

Renovation Plan Action
This team is working to coordinate experts in the field who can develop a sound, affordable renovation plan for Connaught.If you have expertise or interest in heritage buildings, join this team.


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