Historic Schools

Video: Colorado’s historic schools

Calgary’s Historic Connaught School – Calgary Board of Education

Moose Jaw’s Historic Schools – Prairie South School Division

Renovate or Replace? The Case for Restoring and Reusing Older School Buildings – Pennsylvania Dept of Education/Penn. Assoc . of School Boards

Historic Neighbourhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Education – Constance E. Beaumont

Historic School Renovation Success Stories

Rethinking Schools Capital Investment: The New 3Rs? Refresh, Refurbish, Reuse – British Council for School Environments.

Older and Historic Schools: Restoration or Replacement and the Role of the Feasibility Study

Renovating Schools: Good for the Pocketbook and Good for the Soul

A Community Guide to Saving Older Schools

How to Save Your Historic School: 10 Action Steps

An Appraisal Guide for Older Historic Schools – Education Facility Planners International

The Greenest Building: Quantifying the Costs of Renovation versus New Construction.

Renovate, Reuse, Restore – Gisolfi, et. al.

Historic Schools: Restore or Replace? – G. Grulich

A Primer for the Restoration/Renovation of Older Historic Schools

Lasting Value: Retrofitting Historic Schools

Build or Renovate School Facilities? – National Clearing House for Educational Facilities resource list

Preserving Historic Neighbourhood Schools – NCEF resource list

Demolition of Scott Collegiate – Laura Pfeifer

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