New school questioned

Brigette Zerr, a parent at Regina’s newly built Douglas Park School, questions the wisdom of new school builds in this video. She states that parent input was ignored, resulting in a building that – although perhaps a hit in the design theory world – hampers her children’s learning. Problems that didn’t exist in their old school building, such as excessive noise, overly large class sizes and the distractions of open architecture, are now a challenge for students. When you take away the walls, there’s no limit to class size, and Brigette’s son is now struggling in a class of 50 students.


Teach-in will explore school options

Connaught family by Dakota McFazdeanFuture options for century-old Connaught School will be on the agenda at an informal community gathering at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre this Thursday evening.

The evening will feature a brief slide show presentation by building conservator June Botkin, who has been working with conservation experts across the country to study available information about Connaught School. As well, parents with children in new schools will describe their transitions to the school design concepts currently being promoted by Regina Public.