New organization seeks second opinion

March 4, 2012. Regina – A second opinion by qualified heritage building experts is item number one for a new community organization formed Sunday.

The group “Save Our Connaught” was created at a meeting attended by school parents, Cathedral Area residents and heritage supporters, who gathered at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre on Sunday.

“We’re determined to do the homework that has been left undone,” said Suzanne Arndt, whose daughter attends the school.

Group members have already been in contact with conservation experts who question the information presented to the public so far.

Save Our Connaught plans to gain a second estimate that will include detailed unit costs based on a full investigation into the structure, rather than the broad estimates that were placed before the Regina Board of Education.  Their goal is a cost-effective renovation option developed by the community with the help of people with specific expertise in older buildings.

The group will also be looking at developing a more rational plan for pupil accommodation during the renovation, noting other major structures in Regina have been underpinned while continuing to operate safely.

“This building has tremendous value as a learning environment, and contains features that can’t be replaced at any cost using today’s construction materials. It should not be so easily discarded onto the landfill, without proper investigation into the alternatives,” said Arndt.

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