Wheels are turning

The SOC working group met over the weekend to discuss upcoming plans and activities. We have put in a request to the school board to gain access to architectural drawings of the school, which will help form the basis of an alternative renovation plan. The director referred the matter to the board, which will meet to decide if they will consider our request or not. If they decide to consider it, the matter will come up at the next school board meeting for a vote. Plans are also under way for some fun and informative community events to promote awareness of the Save Our Connaught Heritage campaign. Meanwhile, it appears Connaught is not among the government’s “priority 1A”  schools chosen to go forward to the next planning stage this year. The two schools at the top of the list, Gravelbourg and Langenburg, were given the planning green light. This opens up more opportunity to propose an affordable, respectful renovation of our existing building, seeing as they don’t have funds to move the rebuild forward. Stay tuned for more news and event information!

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