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Trustees to study heritage designation

photoThe potential benefits of heritage designation for Connaught School will be further investigated by trustees. Trustee Carla Beck had originally put forward a motion to explore heritage status back in June. It came back to the table at last night’s board school board meeting with a recommendation “that the board not pursue a heritage designation for Ecole Connaught Community School at this time.” The recommendation, prepared by Director Julie MacRae, was accompanied by background information about city designations and a briefing note that explained, “Many of the City of Regina heritage incentives are tax-relief based. This would provide no benefit as RPS properties are tax-exempt.” It was put forward by trustee Aleanna Young, who was praised for her research on the file, along with board staff. However trustee Beck requested more information about federal and provincial grant sources beyond the City of Regina, as well as an opportunity for trustees to meet with heritage organizations. In a vote, the majority of the board agreed with Beck’s request. What happens next? We can hope representatives of Regina’s heritage community and the province’s Heritage Branch will now sit down with the board and develop a solid plan for heritage designation and renovation support.  Read the Motion and Briefing Note

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