Local company lends a hand to project

A local company specializing in decorative concrete is stepping up to help build a Cathedral neighbourhood entranceway project using bricks from demolished Connaught School.

The first phase of construction, expected to begin today about noon, will be led by Roy Beuker of Beuma Concrete Specialities. Beuma is providing labour free of charge, with donated supplies from Ardell Steel and Cindercrete Concrete Products. (more…)


School board survey results and presentation

The 2 proposals given to the public to comment on.

The 2 proposals given to the public to comment on.

The results of a public survey on proposed Connaught school design concepts are now available online. Just 2 options were presented, both looking fairly similar. There were 72 responses. Top concerns included wanting a front entrance that reflected the original heritage building, parking lot encroachment on historic 13th Ave. and loss of green space. There was a strong call to maintain the heritage look of the original school, and to ensure the school is built in a timely fashion.

To read the full comments, click on the arrows beside each category and scroll down, here:
For those interested in seeing how/if the architects accommodated community comments, there will be a presentation of a final basic design at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre on Dec. 18 at 7 p.m.
Footprint of the original school.

Footprint of the original school.

Original entrance and street setback.

Original entrance and street setback.


Former 13th Ave. frontage


Brick recovery Sunday, Nov. 9

Dress warmly for today’s brick recovery! Please meet at the landfill office gate (travel toward the main gate, you will see the offices on your right) at 10:00 a.m. Bring a hammer and a flat chisel, if you have one. Hard hat supply is limited – if you have a sports helmet of some type, please bring it. The plan is to work until about noon.

Brick reclamation project

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Design feedback requested

Two options are being given for the proposed Connaught replacement design. Both involve a parking lot fronting 13th Avenue, and quite a bit more building sprawl with less green space, as expected. The square footage will be approx. the same as the old building, but a lower and wider footprint. There is no 3rd storey, and the design group is apparently adamant that there will be no basement (not much help in a tornado or plough wind!).

Community working to rescue bricks

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Members of Save Our Connaught, the Cathedral Village Business Association and the Cathedral Area Community Association, with the help of City Councillor Shawn Fraser and Cliff Kobelsky of Frontier Masonry, are working with the City of Regina to reclaim some of bricks and stones from the landfill for use in community projects. If you’d like to volunteer to help out, or have ideas, please contact Trish Elliott.


As of yesterday, some bricks from Connaught school may be retained for use in community projects. Amounts and details are now being worked out.

Community expressions

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