Cheryl’s letter

Oct. 28, 2013

Dear Ms. Young

I am writing to ask you to reconsider your motion opposing the Regina public school board seeking heritage status for Connaught school.

Connaught is the oldest school in Regina – it just celebrated 100 years last year. This is something to acknowledge and celebrate. My son attended Connaught from kindergarten to grade 8 (2000-2008) and has fond memories of his formative years at Connaught. Connaught’s rich history as a community school is something that I am proud of — as should you and other members of the board be.

I believe that solutions can and should be found for any structural repairs that Connaught may need. Last year I visited Berlin and marvelled at how that city embraces it’s historical architecture even if it means adapting the old buildings. After the Bundestag was severely damaged during WWII, the citizens did not tear down the building but instead adapted new structures to the old. I saw this adaptation throughout the city.

When the government realized that our legislative building had major foundation problems there was no thought of tearing it down. The government fixed it.

Please do not turn your back on Connaught and it’s historical significance to Regina. Please reconsider your motion and support heritage status for our school.


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