Heritage Canada’s Letter

March 18,2013

Ms. Julie MacRae
Director of Education
Regina Public Schools

1600 4th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 8C8

Subject: Connaught School, Regina -Requesting the Cooperation of Regina Public Schools

I am writing on behalf of the board and staff of the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) to express our great concern about the future of the Connaught School. We are dismayed by recent media reports that a decision has been made to demolish the structure.

Named to our list of the Top Ten Endangered Places in Canada in 2012, this site continues to attract the attention of the Heritage Canada Foundation and its supporters.

We urge you to make public the studies upon which the Board is basing its decision to demolish. A transparent process will allow for informed review and response, and perhaps identify an acceptable alternative to demolition.

Given the school’s landmark status, its recognition in the Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Cathedral Area as a significant heritage property, and the overwhelming community support for the option to retain and rehabilitate the school, we thank you in advance for your willingness to ensure all avenues are explored

HCF is a national, not for profit and non-governmental organization established in 1973 to promote the conservation, understanding, and appreciation of Canada’s built heritage, historic places, and cultural landscapes and their importance in the life of our communities. Our efforts are designed to strengthen and support the work of local groups and individual Canadians in keeping their own historic places alive.

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned if  we can be of assistance.


Natalie Bull
Executive Director
Heritage Canada

Heritage Canada letter (pdf)

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