Board warns info will likely be redacted

Regina’s public school division has served notice that a request for copies of documents and correspondence related to Connaught School of the past year will cost more than $2,400 in processing fees and will be heavily redacted.

The letter warned that the deliberations of meetings held in the absence of the public, as well as any records of consultations and planning by the board, would likely be redacted. Several other potential grounds for nondisclosure were listed, along with the conclusion that access to documents “is likely to be limited by some or all of the exemptions listed.” Read the letter.

Meanwhile, community members continue to their fight to conduct structural tests of Connaught School, after receiving a copy of a second engineering report that the board had been sitting on since August. The report raised questions about the need to underpin the school, and noted that structural testing was required to determine the condition of floor slabs.

At the annual electors meeting on Jan. 28, board chair Katherine Gagne argued the board has already been conducting structural tests every four months – despite the fact that every one of the quarterly assessments includes the statement, “No analysis of the structure or testing was performed.” (read for yourself).

Taking her cue, a solid contingent of school administrators and former board members narrowly defeated, in a vote of 65 t0 58, a motion brought forward by community members that urged co-operation on testing.

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