Postcard campaign launched


Government ministers will soon be hearing from Connaught School supporters. On Saturday, more than 500 people signed postcards to the province, including 252 addressed to the Minister of Education and 291 to the Minister of Heritage.

A postcard labeled ‘Come Clean on Connaught’ asks Minister of Education Don Morgan why key information is being withheld from the public. For example, while reports on the structural condition of Connaught were widely shared via the media, similar reports on Wascana School – the designated receiving school for displaced Connaught students – remain under wraps. As well, questions about the details behind Connaught’s reported future uninsurability remain unanswered, such as the name of the insurer.

A second postcard addressed to the minister responsible for heritage, Dustin Duncan, urges new protocols for the responsible care of schools and other public buildings. The postcard notes that a renovated Connaught could be a model for 21st century innovation in a historic setting.

Postcards are available for signing at Groovy Mama, 3206-13th Avenue.

Postcard to Education Minister

Postcard to Heritage Minister

Letter from Sask School Boards Assoc. re. Connaught insurance

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, May 27, the count was 306 to heritage minister, and 273 to education minister.

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