Building conservationist to address school board tonight

A possible decision to close Connaught School may be based on incomplete and contradictory information, according to a specialist in building conservation.

June Botkin of Botkin Historic Building Conservators has been reviewing a series of engineering assessments of the school, and sharing them with specialists across North America and internationally. She will present some preliminary observations to the school board tonight.



Local mom tackles Connaught problems head on

A Cathedral Area parent has launched a fundraising campaign to finance the repairs needed to keep Connaught School open in September. Kate Smart decided to take action after learning it would cost only an estimated $20,000 to satisfy an engineer’s recommendation for safe school operations in 2014-2015.


Board to hold feedback meeting

meeting sign

Cathedral Area residents will gather at the Connaught School gym this Tuesday evening to discuss options for the school’s future with school board administrators. An engineer’s report states repairs to the front steps and a portion of the southeast corner must be made if the school is to remain open in September. At a meeting with school council members last week, a board representative said the repairs are estimated to cost about $20,000.


School community wants action, not closure

Community members are calling for action to avoid the closure of Ecole Connaught Community School. An engineering consultant’s report that includes a recommendation to close the school in June was tabled at last night’s school board meeting.

“Displacing 350 students in the middle of a population boom should be the last idea on the list, not the first,” said Rene Dumont, chair of Save Our Connaught Heritage. (more…)

Board warns info will likely be redacted

Regina’s public school division has served notice that a request for copies of documents and correspondence related to Connaught School of the past year will cost more than $2,400 in processing fees and will be heavily redacted. (more…)

Heritage status debated

Davin School, built in 1929, is on the city's heritage holding bylaw list.

Davin School, built in 1929, is on the city’s heritage holding bylaw list, a good place to start for seeking provincial heritage status.

Connaught was centre stage at last night’s school board meeting, after trustee Aleana Young once again put forward her recommendation to NOT pursue heritage status for Regina’s oldest public school. Trustees Carla Beck and Kathleen O’Reilly spoke in favour of heritage designation, arguing it would cost the board nothing, while buying community good will and opening up new partnership opportunities for school renewal.