“I am extremely confident in saying that destroying Connaught School is not what is best for my community.” Read Tatum’s letter to trustees


“Built heritage is the most physical, visceral reminder of any community’s past, and Connaught is no exception.” Read Robert’s letter to trustees. 


“I am sure that, as school trustees, you appreciate the importance of conducting adequate and balanced research prior to reaching any decision of significant consequence.” Read Valerie’s letter to trustees 


“Your decision to not give this beautiful school heritage designation, and the previous decisions to not fight to keep an architectural centrepiece as a school for our children is a mistake.”  Read Sarah’s letter to trustees 


“If you understand this neighbourhood, you understand that people live here because they value its history and sense of community. Our schools are integral to our community.” Read Kate’s letter to trustees


“Schools in Moose Jaw I have seen, and both of my elementary home schools in Winnipeg, (Wolseley and Laura Secord), have successfully maintained their heritage. I would like the same for the school that my children attended in Regina.” Read Joanne’s letter to trustees


“Connaught’s rich history as a community school is something that I am proud of — as should you and other members of the board be.”  Read Cheryl’s letter to trustees


“While I have appreciated going to school in modern buildings, the older buildings are the ones that I believe had the most influence on my experience. Schools like Davin, Balfour, Thomson and Connaught provide settings that have a history of education and expose students day-in and day-out to a sense of history and context.” Read Peter’s letter to trustees.


“We oppose the board’s decision not to pursue heritage designation for Connaught School, and call on you to reverse an unconscionable decision.” Read a joint letter signed by 306 people.


“I am writing on behalf of the board and staff of the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) to express our great concern about the future of the Connaught School. We are dismayed by recent media reports that a decision has been made to demolish the structure.”  Read Heritage Canada’s letter to the Regina Board of Education.


“I write as a 1934 model senior citizen who enjoys anything old, attractive, well preserved and useful. A prime example being the Regina red brick and mortar architecturally magnificent Connaught public school and nearby Connaught public library. RENEW don’t destroy!” Read Robert’s letter to Premier Wall


“I am a Cathedral Area resident with two children who attend Ecole Connaught Community School. The Cathedral Area is a well-known and enviable community that values our heritage buildings which are a part of our culture, and we have the right to be able to retain them.”  Read Amy’s letter to Premier Wall


“I suspect that any teacher in the city would be able to put together a brilliant unit study using Connaught as the common thread through it all. And I suspect that their students would be more engaged and learn more if they were exposed to the physical presence of a century-old building, rather than simply a picture of it.” Read Sheri’s case for heritage

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